Safely repurposed

medicinal technologies

„In technology development significant advances are as often the result of a series of evolutionary steps as they are of breakthroughs”

Ralph E. Gomory
Vice-President of IBM Corporation, 1981

About us

PelliCarnos is a dynamic company specializing in discovering new applications for known drugs and substances. Our mission is to conduct comprehensive research on these drugs to explore their potential innovative uses, contributing to the advancement of medicine and improving patients’ quality of life. We strive to bring these substances to the market to enable significant health benefits and contribute to the progress in the field of pharmacotherapy.


Finding solutions for unmet medical needs by using well known substances in innovative way


Validating risk-free potential of medicinal
over a fraction of usual time and expenses

Company overview

Unmet medical needs

and our approach to tackle with them

Unmet medical needs and our approach to tackle with them

Unmet Medical Need (UMN)
is ”A condition for which there
exists no satisfactory method of
diagnosis, prevention or treatment”
[European Commission Regulation
(EC) No. 507/2006]

Some UMN can be addressed by well
established medicinal technologies
modified with certain proprietary
innovations (e.g. new combination of
ingredients, different drug formulation
or dosing, etc.); we call this approach

Beneficial effects of each smartly
repurposed technology shall be
clinically validated with the use
of objective biomarkers

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